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Bean Weevil Cultures, food & Culture kits

Bean Weevils

A high protein small size livefood just bigger than micro crickets about the same size as fruit flies. Ideal for hatchlings, small lizards, spiders, amphibians, newts, mantis etc.

Very easy to keep and to culture. No need to feed or water as food and moisture are both contained in the food that they are supplied with.

Keep at room temperature or higher. The white spots on the beans are eggs do not discard these, they will hatch in approximately 20-28 days then you will have an explosion of Bean Weevils.

Bean Weevil Food 50g

Bean Weevil Food 100g

Bean Weevils Small Culture

Bean Weevil Food 250g

Bean Weevils Medium Culture

Bean Weevils Large Culture

Bean Weevils Extra Large Culture

Bean Weevil Culture Kit see product details.

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