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Care Sheet for:

Mississippi Map Turtle, Musk Turtle, Yellow Belly Slider & Reeves Turtles.

All of the above Turtles are very easy to care for and are quite tame they will feed from your hand.

Map Turtle: Maximum size, males 3.5 inches, females 5 inches.

Musk Turtle: Maximum size 2- 4 inches.

Yellow Bellow Slider: Maximum size males 5 – 9 inches, females 8 – 13 inches

Reeves Turtle: Maximum size 5 – 6 inches

Generic Care sheet for all of the above Turtles:

They are avid swimmers and baskers. They need a good basking area where they can get totally out of the water and get completely dry, a floating piece of cork or a turtle dock will suffice. Turtle Docks available size small £10.99. This area will not only need a heat source such as a small spot lamp that can be purchased cheaply from B and Q or Homebase. Or a commercial basking lamp. Also a source of UVB (UV-B lighting is strongly recommended. This is accomplished with lighting (usually either a UV-B fluorescent such as a ReptiSun 5.0 for UV-B & a separate basking lamp for heat.

A suitable size aquatic tank will be required. These turtles are young so will not require a large tank. Aquarium heater/ Thermostat will be required, on website £12.99

Water temperature Low to mid 70's for adults. Around 80º for hatchlings.

Feeding all of the turtles are taking frozen turtle food £2.20 per 100g pack which will last one turtle for approximately 6-7 weeks (28 frozen blocks per pack) They are also taking Turtle Mix Natural £3.99 for a 250ml pack and Turtle Mix Sticks £3.99 for a 250ml pack both of which are complete foods containing all required vitamins and minerals including D3 for shell growth.

I recommend using the turtle frozen food with either one or both of the Turtle Mix Natural and the Turtle Mix sticks. This way you will ensure a balanced diet is given.

If you require any further care information please email me.

Please note for the welfare of the Turtles I will only send them out by special next day delivery so please ensure you chose this option at the checkout on the website.




Calcium Block x 1 see product details

Moss Ball Chladophlora

Frozen Turtle Food 100g

Turtle Mix Sticks 250ml

Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba

Water lettuce Large

Turtle Mix Natural Food 250ml

Three Hole Coconut with Javamoss

Turtle Dock Zoo Med 29 x 12.7 x 7.1 cm

Heater/Thermostat 25W.

Java Moss on Bogwood

Map Turtle X1

yellow Belly Slider Turtle x 1

Musk Turtle x 1

Reeves Turtle x 1

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